Biggest Music Crew South East back again??

NHC: Nnewi hood Cypher..

what comes to mind?many have made assumptions,many others curious comments and disappointing remarks..Well, as the saying goes,you can’t believe in what you don’t know.Now let’s bring you to light.

How about I tell you thier’s a Cypher in the Hood? Nnewi  hood,born of Anaedo not necessarily indigenous but brought together by the spirit,the positive vibes and thee dream birthed from dwelling in the land of Nnewi ,the home of Edo and Respresenting the south east music world.


previously known as Ruff Dreadzy with the insight,rough on the edges but with the fire of a leader being Inspired,founded the movement in the previous years ,gathering noble individuals of great musical influence and drive consisting of 7 men and 2 ladies by the names:

. Koeasy


Who was the first indigenious Rapper confirmed by the crew

He played a big a role in assisting the president (Dreezy) select top notch artists in the Nnewi music world. While he was called for,

He introduced the Nnewi music competition 2020 winner ,


Chukwumnonso Prosper,one of the biggest Rapper South East, he specializes in Afro Fuji ,does afro Pop, CMP is also a live highlife performer and a Hype man as well .

He is just talent himself.


Another promising Afro beat singer


Who was elected by the crew to become the vice president up and untill now.

Vibe who was the manager of the biggest record label south “Oojee Records” which has the popular Nollywood actor Harry B and Slim brown the Egwu master as their top signees is a dancehall artist and a video director.


Son of the soil… currently signed under Ten Ten entertainment Nomark is yet another promising young artist with his unique style of music.

You’all should look out for him.


Formerly known as Rex carex is a true definition of afro high life.

An underdog that needs to be unleashed.


Tiwa savage of our time.

You all should look out to this talent as she starts the journey of Fame with her hit single”Don’t go”

Which had massive airplays . In her recent interview,she reviewed that as a child she’s been looking up to Tiwa savage and hope to be like her one day

The question now is ,does she gat what it takes?


The fire cracker. Another yet to be unleashed RnB singer , a good lyricist and composer.

Y’all should look out to her.

.DJ flesxy

The official DJ NHC

.Dj classic

The Official Oojee Records Dj working in collaboration with the NHC

Dj classic on the mix.

We all must have heard what happened thereafter “DISBANDED” sad right?..But from the ground and from the ashes of the burns like the legendary phoenix,they rise up with new spirit,they dust themselves Off the fall,they come together again putting the differences aside..just like the saying Two cannot work together unless they agree,they bonded again and now coming out with Another mind blowing audio by the name


“BLOW” !!!

sit tight and fasten your seatbelts,get ready to be swept off your feet by this mad 9 ravaging talented artists on one mic, ain’t you curious?🥵🥵watch what can be done when together they stand.But leaving with a phrase you should be both Nervous and excited about


“The hood Cypher is here again”!!!



4 thoughts on “Biggest Music Crew South East back again??

  1. I must say and confess that these guys are really good and talented, I’ve also heard most of their songs on, we all need to support them and keep them going.
    God bless Nnewi Hood Cypher(NHC)

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