Fire boy’s Album “Play boy” hits 300,000,000 streams on Boom play

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Following the release of the Hit album “Playboy”, which was dropped on the 5th of August 2022 and had Bandana featuring the number one trending artist in Nigeria Asake, today hits 300 million streams on Boom play, thus gaining the golden club.

I can say this is not surprising, because bandana alone has been topping the music chart for straight 3 weeks now.

The video was released few days ago,where the new wave Asake gave the media and comedians something to go home with.😂😂

Currently Bandana video is the number one trending in Nigeria ,and as it sands I can hardly say that there’s yet any music video to beat the game now

up and untill next month if there’s

Let’s see it.


Congratulations once again Fireboy on this mystic achievement.

Playboy album lists 

Playboy album tracks





   Ybnl artist, Fireboy’s Album hits 300 million streams on Boomplay today Friday the 26th day of August 2022.



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