Food To Include In Diets For Weight Loss

Weight Loss diets

Weight Loss diets

When we want to lose weight, the first thing that comes to mind is diet. We don’t necessarily know why we’re doing it or how we’re doing it, but we just know that it’s the right thing to do so we’re dealing with it! However, this understanding can pose problems for follow-up and government effectiveness at the same time.


We tell you the reasons behind dieting.

Diet health benefits.

If the diet wants to lose its first pound, it is above all what has a positive effect on our health.


Diet allows our body to meet its nutritional needs because we control the amount of food we eat. Thanks to this, weight loss can be achieved while avoiding hunger or fatigue, as well as avoiding any food.


With a healthy diet, we generally avoid any health problems that can lead to malnutrition and overweight.


Be careful not to lose more than 1 kg each week during your diet! It’s bad for your body!

Effect of diet on the body.

Do you have this persistent problem of hunger? Do you still want to eat, as if your life depends on it?

Understand the effects of a healthy diet on your body and you will soon realize that these feelings are more related to your psyche than your physical needs. But how does it work?


Our body needs nutrients to function. Can a regular diet meet this requirement? No! It is not the quantity of food that our body works, but its quality. 

If we eat, but it does not meet our needs, our body always asks for more. With a healthy diet, we generally avoid any health problems that can lead to malnutrition and overweight.


A healthy and balanced diet is essential for losing weight while being active!


What foods should you include in your diet for weight loss?


Promote a low-calorie high-density diet.

If you want to avoid added fat, your best bet is to choose low-calorie, high-density foods. The amount of calories in them should be less than their quantity.


These foods include fruits, vegetables and whole grain products with a low food/calorie ratio. Unlike high-calorie foods (crunchies, pizza, etc.), you must eat large amounts before you can meet your energy needs. This will effectively eliminate your hunger while allowing your body to function properly without accumulating excess fat.


Foods rich in fiber and protein

Food rich in fibre and protein are satisfying and help meet our body’s needs (our body needs 25 to 30 grams of fiber and 20% protein per day to function smoothly).

Focus on fiber and protein.

They also help to provide stagnant energy, reduce the feeling of hunger and absorb blood sugar, preventing the rapid accumulation of lipids (fats).




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