How To Hide Number on MTN Using USSD



MTN offers the ability to hide its number to other users while on call. As an MTN customer, you can easily protect your identity when calling someone. This article contains everything you need to know on how to hide number on MTN.

There are certain reasons why you can decide to hide your number from others. It could be, you don’t want any disturbance from the caller, or you just want to deliver information without being detected. Yes! You can protect your identity by hiding your MTN line.

Once you do that, the receiver will only see ‘Private number‘ on his/her screen. Your number won’t be visible to the receiver, and that’s cool, right? Well, yeah. Without further ado, let me proceed to show you how to set private number on MTN Nigeria. It works in other countries too.

How to hide number on MTN Using USSD

This is one of the fastest means to be anonymous whenever you call someone with an MTN number. Here, you will dial a code to protect your privacy. The code is #31#. All you need to do is to add the number you want to call after writing the code. In example, if the number is 08055555555, type #131#08055555555 and call. The receiver will only see the name ‘Private number‘, while your number will be hidden.

How To Hide Number Using Single USSD code

This cheat is one of the best means when using code to MTN number private. Unlike the first method whereby you add the receiver’s number to a code, this method allows you to permanently hide your number. Also, you can set back to show whenever you are done.

The single USSD code to hide number on MTN is #31#. Get your device, type #31# and send. Once you do that, you will receive a pop-up notification showing that your caller ID has been successfully disabled.

You can also, dial the code again to activate your caller ID. I.e. settings it back to default.


What is the code to hide number on MTN?

The code to hide a number on MTN is #31#. You can dial it alone to disable your caller ID, or you can dial it by adding the receiver’s number at the front of the code to successfully hide your number.

How can I hide MTN number in Nigeria?

Use #31# to hide MTN number in Nigeria. You can also, visit call settings to hide your caller ID.

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