New Thin Eyebrow Filter Prank On Tiktok


Prank is all about risk, but this one isn’t a dangerous one. It’s fun, and entertaining. You can even prank your mother or father with this filter. They would be curious as to how you managed to give them tiny eyebrows

Thin Eyebrow Filter Prank

The Filter Prank is a popular prank on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook messenger. The filter tends to reduce the eyebrows of someone when facing the camera. It makes an eyebrow looks very much tiny.


To prank anyone with this filter, get a shaving stick or a hair clipper, telling the person that you want to shave his eyebrows a bit. He may insist on not interested, but you have to convince him.

You can pretend as if you did shaved his/her eyebrow though. After a few seconds or a minute, use the filter and make him look at his face. He would be shocked to that he now has tiny eyebrows. It’s fun! All you can do is smile and laugh.

So, that’s how to prank someone with the ‘Thin Eyebrow Filter‘. Not everyone would like this kind of prank. You must beware of those who get angry easily. You must also, not try this prank on someone who is not your friend.

You can also, find the Filter on Snapchat and Instagram. All you need to do is to launch the app and locate the ‘Filter‘.

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