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Have you heard about the new trend that is taking over the internet? An incredible game full of fun, and entertaining. It is called ‘The quiet place game’, and many are sharing their performance on TikTok. Continue reading to discover more, about the game.

I’m sure you’re ready to witness how this game works. Also, you will get to know everything that is needed to participate in the game, and have fun.

The quiet place game

According to multiple sources, the quiet place game is based around the 2018 movie, in which monsters attack people if they are alerted by sound. Although, many have been playing such game during the period of their childhood. The game is also, called ‘The blind man’.

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Now, let’s look at how you can play the game, rules, number of people required, and where to play.

How to play ‘The quiet place game’

The game is played by two or more persons. You need a cloth, or any object, to bind (cover) the eye of the person. The person whom his/her eyes are covered is seen as the monster. Others player will stay in the same room with their eyes open, and must avoid making a noise.

The monster attacks at any sound. Others are to stay calm to avoid been attacked. To make more fun out of it, one of the players can decide to make a sound closer to another person so that the monster would attack him.

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The game can be played in a room, or other places. Only two or more people can be able to play the game. The monster can use toy guns, a stick, or other less harmful objects as a weapon.

The quiet place game rules

The rule of the game is that the eye of the person playing the role of a monster must be covered. Also, the monster must have a less harmful weapon to attack at any sound. This game is for fun, and entertainment. No one is allowed to use heavy or harmful objects.

Quiet place game TikTok

This game is trending on TikTok. You can share your videos, and see people’s reactions, and their comments.

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Don’t forget to share the number of times you’re caught. Play the quiet place game with your family, friends, e.t.c. Kindly share this content with your friends.



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